May 2004
Memorial Day Weekend
Key West

Hit Counter

Boat Launch.

Two Water Babies.

Gross - Click to see what it is.
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Water Front Bar.

Can I Seat You Sir?

Now they're land Babies.

The Terror of The Seas.

Isn't That Cute?

Barnacle Brian.

Nothing Over 20 Please.

Who is that girl?

Some crazies at the bar.

How sweet, on their honeymoon!

Where the f**k are we going?

This is a restaurant.

The Pool Bar.
Do I hear Jimmy Buffet?

What is her name?

May he rest in peace.

Dirty Harry's Night club.

Our Captain.

Replica of you-know-who.

The Waitress, after
we told her we're waiting for some 20  year olds.

Resort waterfront.

The snuggle bunnies.

Resort pool area.

The band plays on.

Going Snorkeling & Sunset Watch

They wanted me, but I told them they were too old!

Hog's Breath Entertainer!

Restaurant at night.

Pier to Restaurant.

I have hair...really!

Just another day at the Port side bar!

And I paid for this?

Rent a jet-ski?

Shhh.. girl is sleeping!

Wake me up for happy hour!

The Pool Area.

Is it a shark?

Tan time!

Beach goers!

Click to see what it says.

Front yard of Our Resort!

Smallest bar in the world.

The World Famous --->

Sloppy Joes!

Snorkeling Group!

Our US Coast Guard is
hard at work?

Looking for shells?