Ski Trip - Jan 2005
Snowshoe West Virginia

Nick, Burg, Brian, Jay and John

Hit Counter

Jay, Nick, Berg, Brian

Do we really have to go?

Are we having Fun Yet?
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One more for the slopes.

Where is the food?

I think I need another drink.

Your so sweet

Oh God another day

I do not have my skis on!

Are you looking at my ass?

Nick, I'm sorry I had to show you up on the slopes

Let me think how do you snowboard

NO, NO, tell me I didn't do that
(you have to ask Brian what he did)

Yes we ski to

Is that a landing light??

Wow, those guys are HOT

Yes! Ladies were on fire

Do we have to go skiing?

I'm the check girl, let me check you out.

We need one more drink!

And you think I'm going to pay this

I'm hurt bad, will I be able to drink?

Please, The door was shut

Jay, put your pants back on!

No more fire water for me!

Can we do something about Berg?

You shake it to the right, you shake to the left

Why, do I have to the dishes all the time?

Ladies, stuff that money machine.