Sunday Flag Football Wilmington N.C.
May 2005

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I Hope They Win, I'll Live In Hell If They Don't
Great Season

Finished 3rd. Out Of 26 Teams

Think Kill, Think Kill
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White Boys Can Jump!

Get Open

And You Think Your Going Some Where

Give Me That Flag

How Sweet!

Stop Making Faces And Hold Still

Hello!  I'm Sugar And Honey

Where Did That Ball Go?

Hello! Big Handsome Guy, Can We Take You Home With Us?

Did They Score?

Don't Take My Photo I'm Ugly And Take Terrible Pictures.

Did We Lose?

I'm Getting Old

Cut The Crap

T D Time

Does Any Guy Need A Ride?


So This Is A Flag Football Game.

That Sucks

Future Cheerleaders

I'm Ready, Put Me In Coach

I Hurt My Nose, Kiss It And Make It Better

Did you Lose Something?

TD Time

Don't Believe Everything You Hear!

Get Out Of My Face, He's Open

God, Look At Those Muscles

You Guys Can Not Be That Blind and Dumb.

Smile And Look Sexy , Someone Is Looking At Us

The Team
It's A Diving Catch

We Need To Get Serous.