Memorial Day Crawfish Party 2006
Clear Lake - Orlando
  Pictures and Photos of Memorial Week End Party - 2006. Wow 1,500 showed up for Crawfish and fun - Orlando Florida


Think You See Someone You Know In The Crowd

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Think You See Someone You Know In The Crowd

Click On Them And Zoom In



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37 Kegs Of Beer - Consumed

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Beer Truck Is Good To Go
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Setting Up The Stage

Dam, You Caught Me Working

Is This Sign Ok?

Are We Ready For A Good Time?

I Cook Good Food, Can't You Tell

Hello And Welcome

This Guy On My Right Is A Asshole

Don't You Just Love A Bare Chest

It Pays To Advertise

To Drink Or Not To Drink

Am I Hot Or Not?

You Say, You Like My Marker, You Like Where It Lives!

You Like My Puppies?

The Croc Hunter Gets His Prey


Hello Mate

They Said There Would Be Food

Quit Butting

Dam!  I Forgot The Protection

Are We Late For The Sunday Services

Yes! You Can Have Me

Yes, I Know Smoking Is Bad For You

I look Hot Don't I ?


Your Looking At My Hat, Right.

Yes,  Mom I'm At The Mall

What A Line To Piss

Yes We Do!!

Were Looking For A Few Good Men

Trust Me!  We Have Enough Food

I Swallow

What Does This Mean?

Where Is The Food

Do You Think He Saw Us?

What The F..K Are We Doing?

You Shift To The Left, You Shift To The Right That's' How You Do The Hokie Pokie

O God! How Did I Get This Great Girl?

Were Looking For Some Hot Women

Ladies Please There's Enough To Go Around

Yes! She Is With Me

I'm Cool, I'm Cool

I'm Hot And I'm High Maintenance

Hello Ladies, Have No Fear Were Here To Serve You, And Not Just Drinks

So Many Guys So Little Time

How Did We Pose For This?

Don't!  I Take Bad Pictures.

Crowd Out Of Control Get The Tasters

We Just Need One More Drink.

He Thinks He's Lucky, What Do You Think?

The Porta-A-Potties Were Full

Your Out Of Here, Gate Crasher


Here I Am Ladies

Who Is This Guy?

I Just Love Her

He's About To Take Our Picture

To Much Fire Water

Just Who And Where Is She Kissing??

Hurry Up There Running Out Of Food

Are They Low Enough???

That's BS I Never Said That

I Heard That Too, He Was Poking Her

How Come Those Other Guys Have All The Ladies

I Might Let You Take My Picture

Dam!  Do I Have To Take This Picture With Her?

Is It Love Or Lust?

Yes! I Scored, And He Was Good

Were In Love

Did You Say You Had A Drink For Me?

Lost In The Crowd
Click For Close Up

A Friend In Need Is A Friend In Deed

Every One Wants To Take My Picture

What Do You Think? Should I Flash Him?

This Guy Does Not Stop He Is With Every Girl In The Place

Is It A Dance, Is It A Fight?
Who Knows What These Two Are Doing

He Wants Me, Should I say Yes Or No?

No! No! No! I Do Not Do It On The First Date, Well Maybe Sometimes

Who Is The Blonde??

Isn't That Cute

Does He Or Doesn't He?

And This Is Only The Beginning Of Summer

3 Blind Mice

Will This Lady Give Me A Call


We Have To Talk, It's Over

Say It After Me:
M-I-C-K-E-Y,  M-O-U-S-E
Mickey Mouse

Every Time I Go To Take A Picture, There He Is

Where's the Jager, for this Redbull?

Men Are No Good, They Make You Cry

She Says She Wants Your Body

Who Am I, Where Am I, I Want Sex

What The F..K

This Guy Is Going To Take Our Picture

Steven Spielberg At Work

Were Lost Where Are The Port-A-Potties

I Own Her, You No Look Unless I Say So

Women Like Strong Men, Me Strong

Hurry Up Take The Picture Before We Lose Our Place In Line

Has The Party Started, Or Did We Miss It?

I Do Not Belong Here With All Of These Drunks

Quick! Take The Picture My Husband Coming Back

Who Is This??

Yes! No BO

Listen Sweet Thing I Have A 2 Million Dollar Home, A Private Jet And I Really Think We Have A Chance At A Real Relationship.
My Place Or Yours?

Who Is That Ominous Figure In The Back?

I Was Picked On As A Child

He Say's He Loves Me, and I Have To Go Home With Him

Am I Still Alive?? I Smell Pussy!

She Wants My Tongue, Do I Give It To Her?

You Want To Do What?  Now??

Unless You Put Out, I Do Not Want To Talk To You

Yes! They Are Nice Fun Bags

She Likes My Tongue

Where's The Party?

When Are We Going To Start Having Fun

I will Take You To That Special Place

Do Not Have A Clue On What's Happing Here

Are We Still On Earth?

That's It, That's All You Have???

I Just Need Two Drinks

Yes! I Love Women And They Love Me

Please! I've Heard That Line Before

Are Some People Getting Smashed, Or What

I Need A Beer

I'm Boring, Nobody Wants Me.

Did You Order, No I thought You Did

Honey It's Getting Late Come With Me

Me Tarzan, You Jane


The End
  Good Bye