Las Vegas - Gentlemen's Club Convention

Convention - 21 to 24 Aug. 2006

Dancer Contest - 23 Aug 2006

Awards Ceremony - 24 Aug 2006

Other Pictures - on C/D

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You can purchase a C/D of all the pictures on this Las Vegas Gentlemen's Club 2006 Convention site.
The C/D has all the pictures on this site plus over a 100 that were to Adult to put on the website.  The C/D has 3 inch pictures like on the site plus every picture has a 10 inch enlargement also on the C/D.
The 8x10 pictures are ready to print.

Click to Order C/D

The Camera I was using takes 48"x 32" photos, if you buy the C/D and want the larger picture, e-mail me the picture number and I will e-mail you the file as it came out of the Camera at no additional charge.




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