Memorial Day Crawfish Party 2007
Clear Lake - Orlando
  Pictures and Photos of Memorial Week End Party - 2007. Wow 2,000 showed up for Crawfish and fun - Orlando Florida




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51 Kegs Of Beer - Consumed

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Smile, Here Comes The Photographer!
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Are We Ready For A Good Time?

This Guy Is Going To Take Our Picture

What Burger??

Beer Truck Is Good To Go

Who's The Guy Listening To Her Boob??

Do Not Call Me Over...I Got A Table Full Of Guys.

This Guy On My Right Is An Asshole

Hello Ladies, Have No Fear Were Here To Serve You, And Not Just Drinks

Just A Little Grab Ass

We Are Not Of This World!

I'll Sing For More Bling!

Let Me Show You How To Suck A Head

Damn, You Caught US Working

Don't You Just Love A Bare Chest

Am I Hot Or Not?

Please Let Us Back In, We'll Get Back To Work.

Oh yea...we bad...oh yea...we hot!

I'm not carrying you home again

I see he's here...with that slut!

She's passing now.

Do They Still Hurt??

Quit Butting

Wish ya had it!

I just can't stop cracking up!

They Said There Would Be Food

I feel pretty!!

Are you packing?

Are We Late For The Sunday Services

Don't even think about it!

And This Is Only The Beginning Of Summer

Boats, Boats & More Boats

Grabby Twins she didn't!!

No Freebies

The Drink Line Gets Rough Sometimes

Girlfriend...I can help!!

I love this man!

I Love soccer moms & hardball!

OMG...he's gonna barf!

I've seen bigger!

There he is with that BITCH!!


People are still coming

A lot of shit flyin around here...and I'm ready for it!!

Lead me to the beer!

We know a secret!

O God! How Did I Get This Great Girl?

Yes the girls have clothes on

Wish you had it!!

How Did This Happen?


intruder alert!

Ha...great...that's my ex!

Please! There's Not Enough Of My Ass To Go Around

Happy to be here! face is up higher!

I'm Cool, I'm Cool

I'm Hot And I'm High Maintenance


I don't think so bitch!

Don't!  I'm not with him!

Crowd Out Of Control, Get The Tasers

Me Strong, I look For Hot Woman

He Thinks He's Lucky, What Do You Think?

Nobody's checkin ID'S...haha!!

Cash on the Lake, I'm loving it!!


Right...I believe you


Sshh...traveling incognito!

This Guy Thinks He Is A Hot Skier

To Much Fire Water

He Did Get Burned, Some.

Big sis & little sis

I have A Man!!!

Ha ha...told you she'd let me get a pic with her!

He's About To Take Our Picture

The wild three!

She say's she loves me, Wouldn't you know it she's Drunk.

Too Much Fire Water

No way...did he really?

I feel safer out of the way.

Party's just gettin' started!

Hurry Up There Running Out Of Food

Best Buds!

Party's crankin!

Did someone say party?

Damn!  Do I Have To Take This Picture With Her?

If you know us...please claim us, we're lost.

Were In Love

Yes! I Scored, And He Was Good

Let Me Take You To The Moon

Pink and green are my two favorite colors!

Did You Say You Had A Drink For Me?

We Need One More Beer!

I Can Hold My Breath For 10 Min's
I have Great Lungs!!

So Many Guys So Little Time

I'm bringing sexy back!

Every One Wants To Take Our Picture
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What Do You Think? Should I Flash Him Again?

Lets be friends!

We know...we're cute!

Eww no, I don't swallow.

I just need to give her a few more drinks!

We drunk...we smile!!

I may be tiny but I need 3 drinks

Thank God no one's checking ID's

How many fingers do you see now?

We watchin out for each other!

We're still cute!!

Eanie, Meanie, & Mynie

Baby, I'm At Publix....I'll Be A While

Meanie & Eanie

Don't even think about it.

Were Looking For A Few Good Men, And We're Not The Marines!

I really look like an ass in this pic.

See?? They're bringing more beer in!

We only eat on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Good friends...Good times

But ladies...I have loads of experience!!

I'll need both of these if you think we're leaving together.

The Day After

Good Bye
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